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They say you can't re-invent the wheel or improve the design of a bicycle but Gocycle® did both.

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So passionate was founder Richard Thorpe about creating the perfect e-bike he left a dream design job with McLaren Cars to do just that.

With his experience in designing lightweight racing car components and enthusiasm for innovative engineering excellence, Richard beleived that an e-bike should be elegant, desireable a joy to live with and fun.

Lightweight (16kg), two wheel drive and predictive electronic gears help to achieve this ambition.  The touchpoints and wheelbase are the same as a conventional bike and the ride is outstanding, but itis also extremely easy to stow and transport.


New G3 Model Introduced

The new G3 is now available and in stock.  The G3 offers a number of improvements over the previous G2 including:

  • 25% increased battery capacity
  • Improved Battery management system
  • New Daytime Running Light
  • New portable docking station

The Gocyle price starts from £3,299 and it is also available with a number of accessories packs including commuter and portable packs.


 More information can be found at the Gocycle website