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Electric Bikes

We are now offering a range of electric bikes (E-bikes).  Modern E-bikes can ride much like a normal one but have the added advantage of pedal assist electric motors making the ride easier as and when needed, with the level of assistance being variable to suit individual riders and conditions.  They offer a great ride for all types of individuals and all levels of fitness.  

The benefits of electric bikes are numerous and include:

  • An easy way to improve or maintain fitness;
  • A great method of commuting (saving money on fuel and parking);
  • Good for the environment;
  • Great fun to ride at any time.   

The Bikes

Having tested and reviewed a number of E-bikes we are currently offering a range from Freego, Wisper, Emu  and the unique Gocycle®.  We are also able to provide E-bike offerings from our mainstream dealers including the Specialized Turbo and Vado, Whyte Coniston and Ridgeback Electron. Try one and we know you will be impressed.



Forme offer a range of Peak Trail or Cromford hybrid ebikes available in different sizes and using either Bafang or Bosch powered systems.  These bikes are great to ride and offer great value for money.

CROMFORD_2_MENU_IMG_1.png                       cromford-2-els-blue_1_1.png

      Peak Trail                          Cromford


For more information please refer to the Forme website or better still pop in for a chat and try one today.




Tern offer a centre crank folding e-bikes, the Vektron  available with Bafang or Bosch motors. They also offer the GSD utility e-bike any of which are available to order from us.  The complete range can be found on the Tern Website.  Tern bikes offer a fast small fold, ideal for communting, storage and theft protection. Designed and built to last they come with a ten year frame warranty. 

Call in to sse these and try these today.



Gocycle are unique in their approach and design delivering a high quality exciting product.  The Gocycle is a folding bike with the wheelbase and ride of a normal bike with electric assist to bring a grin to your face. More information is coming to this website and in the meantime further information can be found on our website at our Gocycle page.

grey.jpg                           white.jpg                           black.jpg 



Freego offer a range of e-bikes starting from under £1,000.  There are several different models to choose from incuding a folder and up to 3 colours each with a choice of 3 batteries.  The bikes come with a 2 year warranty and uniique 5 day promise during the first year of warranty.

At Basing Cycles we hold a representative range to enable customers to choose the right bike. Further information can be found at the Freego page on our website.


Emu are a british brand who offer an extremely stylish ebike with an in-frame mounted battery and front wheel mounted motor.  Available at a price of only £999 the bike is available as a step-through or with a cross-bar is available in 4 colours and has a range of 40-80km. The new 2018 models are now available and also include a folder also priced at £999. The bikes are aluminium frame and come with 2 year warranties. A demonstration bike is available, so come and see and try for yourself, you will discover just how good this bke is.  All models are available to purchase and collect in store.  More information is available at www.emubikes.com.

_emublustep.jpeg                    emu_xbar.jpg



The Iconic Wisper brand has been synonymous with high quality, innovative electric bikes for over a decade, Wisper was one of the first British designed electric bikes to be sold in the UK. 

Wisper Torque bikes benefit from a new, powerful, almost silent motor controlled by the latest and most innovative torque/speed sensor on the market. The new system will give you instant access to masses of hill climbing power from the moment you start to ride. Simply push down on the pedal and the bike will reward you with a silent surge of power, the harder you push down on the pedals the more the motor will assist. When the bike reaches cruising speed, power will gradually ease back and when power is not needed at all, such as when descending hills, it will cut off completely giving you up to 40% extra range when compared to more basic speed sensor bikes.

The Wisper SE range, consists of six models the 705se step-through, 905se crossbar and 806se folding bike. The SE models are built using many of the same high quality parts as the superb Torque bikes. The ten year warranty frame, rack and battery packs are identical. To build a more affordable Wisper have have changed the drive system and a few other key components giving customers a lot of bike for their money!

Wisper SE bikes are described in the bicycle trade as “the best electric bike at it’s price point.”

More information on the Wisper range can be found at

Wisper Bikes

Prices start from £1099 icluding the Wisper 905se (375wh) shown below: