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We now offer a full range of Forme bikes inlcuding the Flash road bikes starting at £2,300 with tailor build options available.


These are in addition to the Peak Trails (starting at £370) and the Children's Sterndale models (from £260).

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Based near the Peak District, Forme design and extensively test their bikes specifically for the UK market and conditions.  Whether you are a racing cyclist, weekend trail warrior, urban commuter or simply enjoy exploring the thousands of traffic-free paths across the national cycle network, Forme take a function driven approach with the product development of every model in their collectiom.

Forme offer a tailor build option on their Flash range of road bikes allowing cyclist to configure componenets to meet their requirements.


Forme also offer a range of e-bikes and more information can be found on these both on our e-bike  page and the Forme website.

Further information on all Forme models is avalable on the Forme website.