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We are authorised stockists of Specialized, Bianchi, Whyte, Ridgeback, Wilier, Genesis and Brompton bikes. We also offer a range of classic bicycles and a range children’s bikes from Dawes and Frog along with clothing, shoes, spares, tools and upgrades.



Specialized are able to offer you a great range of bikes in many categories from a Childs first balance bike to the high end S WORKS competitive range.

Within each category there is a ladies and gents range.



Bianchi has marked the history of cycling, with its bicycles that have led to victory many great champions. And the history goes ahead with innovative models, designed by biomechanical laws and realized with the application of revolutionary technologies. To offer all cyclists a bike with added value and soul. BIANCHI. OFFICIAL SUPPLIER OF YOUR EMOTIONS.




Whyte Bikes offer a range of Hardtail and Suspension mountain bikes as well as a range of Fast Urban and All Terrain Hybrid bikes.



 Brand_Wilier.png      Wilier Triestina built bicycles right through the twentieth century and arrived at the twenty-first with a conviction: Our pursuit of absolute excellence must never stop. Our uninterrupted technological research, combined with over a century of experience, have made our halberd logo racing bicycles legendary. But times goes on. Tradition is best served when used as a platform for groundbreaking innovation and evolution.


download.png  At Genesis, their philosophy is simple – bring to life the sorts of bikes we enjoy riding. Materials snobs they are not, and, depending on what’s best for given bike and intended usage you’ll find carbon, Titanium, steel and Aluminium all used across the range to good effect.



The Dawes bicycle brand offers you the unique blend of British heritage and outstanding performance. Dawes offer an excellent range of Adult and Children’s bikes.






Ask anyone to name a folding bike and the chances are it will be the Brompton.  The default folding bike of choice it is extremely versatile and a great bike to ride. Each Brompton is handmade in London with many customisable parts to make it perfect for you. Its ability to fold into a small, portable package make the Brompton ideal for commuting and city living.


FM-Frog-Bikes-logo.jpg        Frog bikes are a range of lightweight kid's bikes (ages 2-14), in a wide range of bright unisex colours.

  • Frames and componenetry designed specifically for small riders
  • Full lightweight, robust aluminium construction
  • Shimano Gears
  • Short cranks with reduced Q factor for easier pedalling