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Bianchi E-Bikes Now Available


Bianchi have been making quality bikes since 1885 and we are pleased that, in addition to their traditional offerings, we are now able to offer a selection of their e-bikes.  We have a representaive selection in stock including:

-  The E-Dance - a traditional styled bike designed for that comforttable upright riding position (available as step-through or with crossbar). Price £1799.99
-  The Manhattan - a fast flat-bar urban commute powered by Shimano STEPS with Alfine Gears. Price £2399.99
-   The Ascent - A Yamaha powered 650B 10 Speed Hardtail with Plus tyres. Price £2999.99.

The E-Dance                                                   The Manhattan

IMG_20170522_090919040.jpg               IMG_20170522_091248615.jpg

The Ascent